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The Indian Embassy elects Octagona as Knowledge Partner and launches the Access India Initiative (AII) Programme

The AII program aims at strengthening the relations between Italy and India and at supporting the Italian MSMEs in business and growth projects within the Indian market

A market that does not stop to grow, considered as one of the most interesting and strategic countries globally, according to both companies and international analysts. That’s how India looks like today, becoming the second most populated market and the fifth economy in the world: thanks to the incredible growth of both the middle class and the domestic consumption, the Indian market shows exceptional development rates (+7.2% in 2017, +7.1% in 2018 and +7.3% predicted by the end of 2019), even because of the new regulations recently implemented by the Modi Government, that boosted the whole economic system.  

The relations between Italy and India today may be defined as positive, since both Rome and New Delhi have started a new collaboration phase. During the recent meeting held in New York between the respective Prime Ministers – Conte and Modi – the latter expressed his will to strengthen the commercial relations between the countries they represent, and he invited the Italian companies, in particular the MSMEs, to take into consideration the great opportunities the Indian market may offer, above all in a perspective of future investments. 

That’s the background in which the Access India Initiative (AII) strategic programme was born, created and promoted by the Embassy of India in Rome. This project, included in the wider national program called Make in India that was launched by the Government several years ago, aims at improving the business and the trade development between Italy and India, especially considering the following aspect: India is in need of modern technology, know-how and expertise, but a direct approach to this market by the Italian companies (market composed of 99% small and medium enterprises) might be complicated. In this perspective, the AII program has the purpose to support the Italian companies to better understand the characteristics of the Indian market. Moreover, an innovative platform will be supplied to these companies, in order to follow them during the first steps into the Indian market. This project, thought in a long lasting perspective, aims at attracting investments in the country and it is addressed to both companies that want to start their business in India and the ones that export there already but in search of a bigger durable in time project to implement

The Embassy entrusted the implementation and the management of the programme to Octagona, a leader society in the internationalization sector and with deep knowledge of the Indian market and its characteristics, due to a 17-year experience in the country, 3 direct offices (New Delhi, Bangalore e Pune) and 8 partner offices (Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Dewas) where the local team daily operates.

The project, that will last until September the 30th 2020, is set up into the following steps

  • search and selection of about 50 Italian MSMEs interested in starting productive investments in India and with a strategic vision;
  • definition of a work plan for every company involved;
  • assistance and operative support for the selected companies, in order to start a growth process within the Indian market, through the organization of specific and thematic workshops for companies. This activity aims at transferring knowledge and useful skills to do business in India and to better understand the local market;
  • creation of a specific communication channel to facilitate the contacts with the companies involved in the project. 

Octagona will implement the whole Project Management phase, coordinating all the activities between the Embassy and the involved companies. In this regard, several planning meetings between the Knowledge Partner and the Embassy will be periodically arranged, with the purpose of monitoring chronologically the project development and the realizon of the different steps. 

For further information on the project, please contact us at the number +39.059.9770184 or at the e-mail address: [email protected]: you will receive all the information you may need.

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