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India: the Reserve Bank of India simplifies the norms regulating FDIs

New Delhi aims to simplify the operations of foreign companies operating in India

An important news for the foreign companies that have constituted a company under Indian laws is that the Modi’s government, confirming its willingness to make India more attractive to international investors, has simplified the modalities to invest in the Asian country.

The past 7th of June the Reserve Bank of India has communicated that it will introduce an unique online form, called Single Master Form, which will substitute the complicated and fragmented FDIs reporting system currently in force. It is a useful decision, aimed to simplify and rationalize the operations of foreign entities located in India and integrate in a unique system their reporting modalities.

In this regard, the Reserve Bank of India has stated that companies will have time to fill the form from the 28th of June until the 12 of July 2018. The companies that will not comply with the same by the Central Bank will not be able to receive investments since they will be considered non-compliant with the provisions of the Indian law.

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