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Octagona brings Mecvel Srl to India: opened a new company in New Delhi

The company placed in Bologna, thanks to Octagona’s support, strengthens its business in the Indian market through the creation of a direct presence

India becomes a market of increasing importance for Italian companies. The recent visit of Italian Prime Minister Gentiloni in the Asian country confirms that the Subcontinent represents the market of the future, also for the “Made in Italy”. Thanks to an annual average growth of +7.6 %, India is, among the large countries, the one with the highest level of development and where there are all necessary conditions for starting successful projects. The important reform process carried out by Indian Premier Narendra Modi is leading India to climb the ranking of the World Bank’s “Ease of doing business” index, gaining 30 positions in the last year.  Nowadays, Italy is only the 24th  Subcontinent’s trade partner at a global level, and our companies, that have a great prestige in the Indian market, have all the required characteristics to make their business to grow there.

Mecvel Srl, headquartered in Bologna and with more than 30 years of experience in the production and commercialisation of electric linear actuators and mechanic jacks and reference point in the sector, is one of those companies that has been able to create a successful reality in India. The company, that has a new production facility of 2100sm, revenues for 10 million of Euros (in 2016 equally shared between national and international market, thanks to a strong distribution network) and 48 employees is facing another expansion phase. Indeed, during its 30th year of activity has completed the opening of a new branch in New Delhi with the goal of consolidating and increasing its business activities in a market where it is present since 2003. The new society, officially constituted in August 2017 and called Mecvel Technologies Pvt Ltd., will have to carry out activities of crucial importance like providing an always more competent and constant support to companies with which a collaboration has already begun and extending its own commercial relationships to the entire Asian continent.

To pursue its objectives the company has been supported by Octagona Srl, reference point at the national level for the provision of international business services in India (thanks to a 16 years’ experience and the presence of three direct offices in New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune), and already accredited provider of internationalization services for the Ministry of Economic Development and for Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto regions.

This has not been the first operation implemented by Octagona for the company headquartered in Bologna. Mecvel, indeed, has been followed for the internationalization activities to India since 2013, the moment when it has decided to approach to the market in a more structured manner through the creation of a direct presence on the territory. This has been a gradual and strategic path lasted for many years and where Octagona has always stood by Mecvel’s side. More specifically, Octagona, through its own Indian facilities, has managed the entire process of settlement, taking care of all the bureaucratic procedures, preparing the necessary documentation for the opening of the society in India, taking care of licenses registration and providing the required operating support. To guarantee the full operability and assist the company during the post-constitution phases, Octagona will continue to provide a complete administrative and legal support, directly assisting Mecvel’s operation in the Subcontinent.

If you want to learn more about Octagona’s activities and are interested in implementing such an operation please contact us by telephone at +39.059.9770184 or send an e-mail at [email protected]. You will receive all the necessary information to start your internationalization project.

Below it is possible to find some pictures of the event:

Mohd Saim (Director & Shareholder, Mecvel Technologies), Miria Bastoni (Sales Manager, Mecvel) and Vishnu Krishna (Director, Octagona India), during a meeting
Mohd Saim and Miria Bastoni at the end of the operation that has lead at the incorporation of Mecvel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.








Miria Bastoni and Mohd Saim together with some members of the Indian Octagona’s team which has managed the successful incorporation of Mecvel in India


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