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How to organize an Export Office? Octagona speaks about this during a course organized by Bergamo Sviluppo and NIBI

This course is part of a circle of 11 training lessons about internationalization

BF_CMYKAn Export Office has to be the right premise to start, develop or govern any internationalization or export activities. In a phase like the present one, where globalization is changing scenarios and paradigms very quickly, success abroad stems primarily from a concrete, effective and efficient design of the organizational structure for export and from an effective organization of human resources engaged in the project.

How to organize an Export Office in a company? And what are the activities and the right procedures that have to be implemented to start a successful export project?

Enrico Perego, Senior Partner of Octagona (company operating for 15 years in the field of internationalization, which also handles training activities for important institutions and universities) and NIBI Professor, will talk about it during the training course “Export Office for SMEs”, a training lesson that is part of a cicle of 11 sessions about enterprises’ internationalization organized by Bergamo Sviluppo – Special Agency of the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with NIBI – New Institute of International Business of Promos – Milan Chamber of Commerce.

These will be practical, business oriented training sessions (started in the beginning of June until the end of December) with the aim of analyzing the dynamics of international markets and the complexity of the global economic system. The course will take place on Wednesday 5th October from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Point Tecnologico of Dalmine (Bergamo).

The lessons will focus on:

  • Self-diagnosis before starting an internationalization process;
  • Identify the most interesting foreign markets for the enterprise;
  • Find and select the appropriate distribution channel;
  • Roles and tasks of a structured export office;
  • Build a foreign office with limited resources;
  • Case Studies.

For further information about the course, please contact Bergamo Sviluppo at the email address [email protected] or at the phone number +39.035.3888011.

If you want to learn more about Octagona and our operational and training activities, please contact the phone number +39.059.9770184 or the email address [email protected]: we will provide you all the information you need.

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