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Do you want to do business in Singapore? Take part with Octagona in the Business Mission in october!

Interesting initiative in ASEAN area

Singapore1Today, Singapore is one of the most interesting international markets. The Asian city-state, populated by 5.7 million people, is set up as the fourth financial center in the World, has one of the highest per capita GDP PPP worldwide (85.300 USD) and an almost zero unemployment rate (2%): the more interesting aspect is that Singapore, whose harbor is in the top five for the volume of traffic worldwide, is set up as a real hub and as a gateway to the whole area of Southeast Asia, and it’s able to offer excellent business opportunities for Italian companies.

With the aim of promoting commercial relations between Italy and Singapore, Octagona takes part in the spread of the Business Mission organized by IBS Italia, in collaboration with BPER Banca, from the 2nd to 5th of October, for Italian companies operating in the Food & Beverage sector interested in Singapore’s market.

Why take part in the Business Mission in Singapore? There are different reasons:

  • the local Food & Beverage market is experiencing a strong growth, which is likely to increase in the next future particularly in some segments (right now, in the country, are rising many luxury restaurants and hotels);
  • our products are very appreciated by the sophisticated local consumers;
  • Singapore’s strategic location ensures businesses that they can expand their own commercial network throughout the ASEAN area (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Cambodia), having access to a market populated by over 600 million people.

This is a great opportunity of development for Italian businesses!

The Business Mission has a total cost of €1.500 + VAT (with the possibility of getting a discount up to 15% on flights to and from Singapore) and provides for the participation in events, meetings with Italian institutions located in Singapore and local institutions, meetings with buyers and local counterparts of the ASEAN area operating in the sector.

Applications are open until the 10th of August: for further information, please contact the email address: [email protected].

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss the opportunity to discover a land rich of opportunities!  

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