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Octagona supports OP for the opening of its own office in India

It has been an important operation to allow the company to operate successfully in the Subcontinent

OP7New operation of Octagona in the Indian market. The company, which boasts 15 years’ experience in the field of internationalization and has direct offices in India, Vietnam and Brazil and a series of international strategic alliances, has helped OP Srl with the implementation of a complete internationalization project in order to establish a direct presence in the Subcontinent.

In particular OP Srl,  which is a company that produces hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for crimping hoses and pipes and that is configured as a leader in the international industry, has requested the support of Octagona for:

  • the establishment of a local company;
  • the entire process of operational, legal, corporate and administrative assistance  following the company establishment.

Octagona, through its subsidiary Octagona India, has engaged in an activity of coordination, planning and supervision in order to allow OP to reach its objectives and, in particular, has built the entire project through these activities:

  • preparing the necessary documents for the opening of the company, in order to become fully operational;
  • supporting the opening of the current account, through coordination with the bank;
  • dealing with the necessary registrations and application of licenses;
  • performing an analysis of the best import solution in India, on the basis of tariff and non tariff barriers;
  • providing a constant operational support;
  • assisting the client company on an ongoing basis even in its post-establishment phases, through administrative support, legal and corporate affairs.

The entire operation, started in July 2015 and ended in March 2016, has been a success and OP has established a new subsidiary, OP India Pvt Ltd, in New Delhi.

Today OP is followed by Octagona for the administrative, legal and corporate activities, and Octagona is configured as a real reference point for the business of OP in the Indian market.

If you want to learn more about Octagona’s operational activities, and if you are interested in implementing operations like the one exposed above and understanding the support that we are able to give to companies, please contact the phone number +39.059.9770184 or the email address  [email protected]: we will provide you all the information you need to start your project of internationalization.

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